Belief Absent Sight

I recently finished watching a most wonderful film entitled “God’s Not Dead”. Definite Must-See for folks of all walks of life. It puts face to face Atheist and Christian arguments of God’s existence. It was very tastefully done. At the end, I did not feel overwhelmed with religion. It was a feel-good film reminding you not only of God’s existence but the necessity of faith in our lives.

One powerful message came when a character was comparing his life to another’s. Him

being “the meanest” guy he knows is living the “perfect” life, while her, who he considers “the kindest” person, her life is full of suffering. She replied “sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God”.

“Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God.”

Upon hearing this, I was reminded of a Biblical verse saying, “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed” and I felt it important to share this with you.

Today’s society is all about evidence. Worse yet, it’s not just evidence they require, but evidence presented in such a way that THEY can accept it. It’s all about what they can SEE and prove. This not only applies to our judicial system, but society as a whole. To those able to see, there is evidence abundance, not only of God’s existence, but of his benevolence. The problem is that MANY refused to accept it. Sometimes it’s because of past pain and suffering, other times it’s because they wish to give homage to themselves, their intelligence and their accomplishments.

God is often judged with a certain finality taking only a snapshot of life. Because He has allowed this to happen to me or those I care about (evidence), He therefore isn’t a benevolent God, or therefore He doesn’t exist (their conclusion). By their logic, if “good” things happen to me or those I care about (evidence), God exists and is benevolent (their conclusion). Such simple logic is how many unscrupulous characters are able to usurp our society. As long as they offer the better or most opportune logic based on the evidence at the given time, they win, regardless of right or wrong or the context of said issue. That is why those who believe WITHOUT seeing are blessed because they are able to interpret the evidence properly-in the right context of everything– the seen AND the unseen. This doesn’t work as easily in a courtroom mind you, because of time constraints mostly, vis-à-vis the urgency for justice, however I believe it is a standard we should all strive for.

Within this concept of judging or believing solely based on sight, lies the devil’s trap. As long as he ensures that you’re successful in your endeavors, you will not focus on more important things--like your soul and its demise--, until it’s too late. Many may think “well, I don’t care as long as I have it good here”, but I promise you that you will care, in due time. When the fame, money, power, glory, beauty, youth are all gone, you will be face to face with yourself and God as your mirror. That is when, if you are afforded that opportunity, you will ask the BIG questions about life. Not ones based on your accomplishments or how much you have amassed, but on who you were and how your deeds stack up in the grand scheme of all that matters.

Here lies the wisdom in believing without seeing: when presented with “evidence”, remember to not simply believe what you can see with your eyes--which can be manipulated by others--but rely also on faith. You will realize there are undoubtedly missing pieces from the puzzle, that can only be provided by the unseen/unknown, which is God’s domain and only accessible through faith.

So, the next time you are experiencing either great difficulty or success, remember to not let your judgment of yourself or your judgment of God be solely based on the “evidence”. There is always more than meets the eye.

Be blessed, and continue believing without seeing. John 20:29.

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