Is an Interpreter Necessary to Communicate With God?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Perhaps one of the most insidious tools of the Devil to confound us, keeping us away from God and in the land of death, is interpretation. I dare say it is his favorite tool.

To interpret is to explain the meaning of something, whether it be words, or actions. In other words, to interpret is to speak on behalf of another’s intention or meaning as if we were privy to the other’s internal thoughts and will.

Another way to understand what it means to interpret, it’s when someone claims knowledge of the thoughts of the heart of another; to claim to know another to such a degree that they can speak FOR that person.

So, to interpret is to re-utter or re-enact something already uttered or enacted as if to clearly, or more clearly, convey the author, or originator’s true intention or meaning.

This begs the question: if the author or originator already conveyed what they intended why would an interpretation be necessary? And if the original can be improved upon by someone other than the author, doesn’t that put that individual on par, if not superior to the originator—in that this other individual is able to not only convey their author’s original intent and meaning, but also improve upon it?

The answer is: EXACTLY. That is exactly the point. It is the goal of the self-appointed “interpreter” to steal and gain glory from The Originator and His work by raising himself up above The Originator by implying that The Originator and his work are at best, full of shortcomings and inadequacies, or at worst The Originator is a liar. All the while this “interpreter” is pushing the Author’s audience further away from Him.

Some may ask, “Well may not interpretation be necessary, for someone who is unfamiliar with the topic or unfamiliar with the originator, in order to help them grasp what might have been originally out of their reach?” To them I would ask: “Why would an author, an originator, create and present an idea full of intent and meaning if not to be understood by all who partake of his creation? Why would an author create something for his audience to partake in except only to be understood by the means of a third party?”

Truly He would not.

If anything, the seeming sensible nature of the former question reveal, even if a little, the subtle devastation behind this most clever tool used by this third party.

The truth of the matter is this: the author or originator of a creation presents his idea for ALL

to partake in and receive his intention and meaning. As his audience, everyone has the same access to his creation and his intention and meaning. Therefore an interpretation is unnecessary. By someone taking on the role of “interpreter”, they are implying and creating a separation—an implied separation between you and the originator implying the originator is out of YOUR reach, and a true separation, if you accept this third party’s interpretation as valid and true, rather than approach the originator yourself.

The most devastating impact of this most clever tactic is how it very subtly leads you to believe that you are RIGHTEOUSLY, TRUTHFULLY, LEGALLY, separated from God, your Father, and your Creator. It makes having an interpreter, an intermediary, FEEL like the most natural thing in the world, thereby keeping you forever at the behest and control of the “interpreter” and far, far away from your Originator. Such is the way of Satan the Devil and all who follow him.

For who can speak for God unsent? Who can know as God knows? Who can claim to know the unrevealed inner working of God’s heart?

The answer: Only The Most High can.

Anyone or anything claiming otherwise is a liar and an adversary to you and God.

For what God has intended to reveal, He has revealed it.

Since the very beginning, Satan has put himself in the role of “interpreter” and has beguiled mankind into rebellion against God. Because we believed Satan’s lie, we have become truly separated from our Heavenly Father, resulting in death. Sadly, we have continued to believe Satan’s lie of needing an interpreter to come near our own Father who gave us life. The Most High even came to us in the form of Jesus Christ to reveal the truth—that He is not far from us, that we must turn back to Him, individually, as we are, without an interpreter nor an intermediary.

God, our Creator, made us to be in personal, close, relationship with Him since the beginning without placing an intermediary, nor an interpreter, between us and Him. He wanted us to come to Him directly.

Remember, it was only after we disobeyed Him that we hide from His presence. In His written Commandments to us HE remind us not to place ANYTHING between us and Him, yet we continue to repeat the mistake of our forefathers in relying on information from strangers rather than believing His Word.

The Moral of the story: Beware of interpreters.

My Advice: Seek, The Author, The Originator, The Most High God, in all things because despite what your interpreter has told you, God has explicitly told us that this experience we call life is a matter of Life and Death.

(Check out Deuteronomy 4:32-40)

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