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About LifWisdom

Regardless of the circumstances that led you here, whether by invitation or through the inexplicable, being here means it’s time. It’s time for you to make the journey--The Journey To The Real You.

Welcome to LIFWISDOM.

This is a sanctuary.

A place where you can make The Journey, unimpeded by the world’s judgment and dogma. A safe place for you who have seriously pondered the questions “Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose?” 

You have conceded that no accumulation of money, material possessions, religious practices, or earthly power will provide fulfilling answers. You would like to find out, for yourself, the answer to these most important questions.

I am a Helper. One that hopes, with your consent, to help you navigate the Path to The Real You. I will do this by presenting everyday ideas, concepts, perceptions, in writing and sometimes in video, in a unique or different perspective that will hopefully inspire within you new ways of thinking, processing, and perceiving, leading to your own self-discoveries.

This is an arduous journey. One that will test many of your current and once-held beliefs or “truths”, about your life, and about the world, that you never even thought to question.

I do not profess to having any concrete or tangible answers. I am simply a Helper who will assist as you venture through this all-important and mandatory self-journey.

You will find that as you continue down the Path, that the answers were inside you all along. You needed only recognize it consciously.

Remember, it is You who must walk the Path.